Visiting Japan at Epcot

The Japan Experience at Epcot in Orlando, Florida

At the end of the year I made my first trip to Epcot since I was almost twelve years old. This was a trip that I was really looking forward to making as I was excited about the photographic possibilities of all of the different countries. Epcot is definitely a more grown up park, and that seemed to hold true for me. Just walking around I was amazed at the little nods to the different countries that were incorporated into the design of the park. This scene from Japan was one of my favorites. You have the classic look of Japan mixed in with the iconic Spaceship Earth in the background. I played around with putting Spaceship Earth into the background of my shots a little to give a sense of place. Here the large Epcot Christmas tree also adds a sense of time to the scene.

Using the Canon 24-105mm Lens

When I visited Disney World in June I thought about finally purchasing the Canon 24-105mm lens before the trip. I did not, and I had to constantly think about what lens to take each day. This time I had the Canon 24-105mm lens with me, and it was the lens on my camera 95% of the time on the trip. One day I took the Canon 17-40mm lens into Epcot for a night just to change it up a little. For the most part though the 24-105mm was there. It gave me a wide range to work with to make many different photos. For my money this is the ultimate walk around lens. I like the wide angle view of the 24mm end as well as the ability to get in a little closer on the 105mm end. I talk about this lens a lot on the blog, but it really has become the lens I go to when I need one to take with me.

Follow Me on Instagram

I have been trying to use Instagram more than I currently do. I really use it heavily while on vacation, but sparingly when back at home. To solve that problem I have decided to post at least one photo a day to my account for this calendar year. You can view my profile here. Over the course of the trip I made many photos with my dSLR, but then pulled out my camera to make another photo from the same location. I know that you do not have to use the square format anymore, but I like the way that it makes me look at the scene a little differently. At times it resulted in the dSLR coming back out to try one more angle. This blog started with a photo 365 project with my dSLR. Now once again I will use the year long project to change how I look at everyday life.


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