Ten Years Since the White Sox Won the World Series

A Ten Year Anniversary of a Very Special Day

Over the course of this season I have heard people saying that you should forget about the past when it comes to the White Sox World Championship in 2005. Yes they won it ten years ago, but it was a great time that is not easily forgotten. When the Cubs win a World Series (it is coming sooner rather than later) they will know the feeling. I still remember that night like it was yesterday. I bought a ten dollar ticket to watch it with many other fans on the big screen at the United Center. I think that the Cell would have been a better place to see it, but it was warmer in the UC. As Jermaine Dye singled in Willie Harris the roof seemed like it would come off the stadium. As Juan Uribe made his improbable catch for out number two in the ninth the decibel level increased even more. It was absolute bedlam as Uribe fielded a ground ball and threw to Paulie at first for the final out. I have many teams that I consider my favorite. I love the Blackhawks in hockey, the Packers in football, and Purdue is my college. The team that I care the most about is the White Sox, and it was amazing to watch them win it all. I hope that I can relive this feeling again

2015 MiLB Photo of the Year

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for my photo in the MiLB Awards. I keep reading that my photo is in a close race for the top photo so every vote really does count. You can vote for my Josh Bell celebration photo can be found here. Thank you if you already have voted. It really does mean a lot to me.


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