The Lone Barn

Photographing the Beautiful Fall

This year it seems as if the leaves have finally turned at once. On my way to and from Indiana State Saturday I was treated to a show of colors. I pulled off the highway a few times to try and capture some of that. Of course I have become quite a bit of a snob lately so just a group of trees will not do. I need something in front of that group. Here this interesting textured barn does the trick for me. I made a few pictures on the way home, but I think I may wait to edit some of them. They might be just the thing that I need to see this winter when it is cold and colorless outside. A few fall photos to edit will be a nice way to brighten my day.

Indianapolis Indians catcher Elias Diaz dumps ice on Josh Bell after Bell won a 13 inning game with a walkoff. It was the first Triple A game of Bell's career. Dave Wegiel/Pinola Photography

2015 MiLB Photo of the Year

Today is the last day to vote for the photo above of Josh Bell getting an ice bath on I made many baseball photos that I liked this season, but this was the one selected by for their contest. I have not had an update since Saturday, but I was neck and neck with another photo for first place. You can vote as many times as you wish, but any votes you could give the photo here would be appreciated. Thanks again for all of the votes that you have given me over the course of this contest.

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