Quarterback Easton Stick runs for a touchdown in the first quarter for the North Dakota State Bison at Indiana State on October 24, 2015

Shooting For North Dakota State Football

Yesterday I was in Terre Haute again shooting the football game between two nationally ranked schools. Initially I was there to cover Indiana State much like I had earlier in the season for their home opener. I was going to pick spots that their photographer was not at to tell a little different story of the game. Then I found out that NDSU did not have a photographer coming, and they had a few players that they needed shots of. I agreed to take that on as well so in essence I was shooting both teams. I didn’t have to wait long to get the first shot that I needed as Bison quarterback Easton Stick ran 29 yards right by my on the first drive to score a touchdown. If that was the only time that I would get to photograph him I would have had my photo. That takes some of the pressure off, and I was able to focus on having fun making pictures at a football game. That is what it is all about anyway isn’t it.

This game was everything that you would expect it to be with both teams being ranked. The Bison pulled away late to take the win, but the tension was there the entire game. For some reason I like that pressure that comes with that. Every play could be the big play that decides the game. Yesterday I thought that I picked my spots well most of the time, and I was able to capture many of the big plays from the game.

Only A Couple of More Days Left to Vote!

While at the game yesterday I read a tweet saying that my photo was still neck and neck with another photo for the Photo of the Year on MiLB.com. Voting ends Tuesday so any votes that you could give my celebration photo of Josh Bell would be great. You can vote for the photo here.

Bonus Photos

I have created an Exposure page form the game that you can find here. As I usually do I also placed a few photos that I liked from the game below as well.
Zach Vraa makes a catch in warmups for the North Dakota State Bison at Indiana State on October 24, 2015
Zach Vraa goes up for a pass in the end zone for the North Dakota State Bison at Indiana State on October 24, 2015

Tre Dempsey cuts in front of the reciever to try and make an interception for the North Dakota State Bison at Indiana State on October 24, 2015


About Pinola Photo

I am a sports and lifestyle photographer based in West Lafayette, IN home of Purdue University. I cover sports for Big Ten teams as well as other colleges. You can follow me on twitter @pinolaphoto. You can also view my website at www.davewegielphoto.net

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