That’s No Moon…That’s a Blue Moon

The Blue Moon over Central Indiana in July of 2015

Stopping to Photograph the Blue Moon

Last night on my way home from photographing the Kokomo Jackrabbits game I kept looking at the blue moon. I saw the moon rise through the trees at the stadium, and I kept thinking that I needed to get a shot of it. It would be nice to be sitting somewhere to have a little perspective in the shot, but by the time my game was over it was too high for that. It is still fun to photograph the moon. It seems like a simple task when you are starting out as a photographer, but it can really trick you. You just need to remember that you are photographing the moon and nothing else. Your cameras meter will not read the scene correctly so it is up to you to find out where you need to be.

Photographing the Moon

As I said above photographing the moon can really fool your camera. You have to set your camera up so that you control the exposure. I usually crank my ISO down to 100 and set my f-stop to f/8 to start. I made this photo at 1/200th of a second. It was actually part of a bracket of three exposures set 1 stop apart as I guessed the reading I would need. I like to do this as I guess sometimes so that I get some coverage on each side of my guess. This was the shot that was one stop overexposed. It turned out just fine, and I was able to make a couple of more very quickly. I have written a short post giving some more tips on photographing the moon a while back. You can find that post here. It is not comprehensive, but it will help you make better photos of the moon. The good news about learning to photograph the moon is that you see it nearly every night. Sometimes the shadows of the craters make a less than full moon more interesting than a full moon.

Tomorrow The Sports Continue

As I said above I was at the Kokomo Jackrabbits game last night. I will be back there tonight as well to photograph that game. That means you have some baseball coming your way. Saturday night I will be in Indy photographing the Charlotte Knights as they come to town to face the Indianapolis Indians. I will have more landscapes to show you, but the sports will come first. Yesterday was actually a very good day for me as I booked a few fall dates for athletics. I am much farther ahead than I was last year, and I am pleased with where I am. This should be a fun school year. I may have a couple of surprises up my sleeve in the next couple of weeks to share with you.

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