The Ever Changing Face of the Magic Kingdom

Photographing Cinderella’s Castle

I have said in previous posts about my trip to Disney World that I went in thinking that I would not make that many images of the princess castle at the Magic Kingdom. I did not want to focus on the thing that most people think of when they think of Disney World. I wanted to focus on the little things that make the park so great. Of course when I made it to the park I could not listen to my own advice. I made many pictures of the castle from many different angles. On the first day at the park I made some images from my balcony thinking that I wouldn’t need anymore from there. The ever changing weather that week in Florida made sure that I would keep shooting the castle. It seemed to always look different, and that made it fun to photograph. I was not going to miss a shot just because I went in thinking that I wouldn’t shoot the castle much. When we go back to Disney World I will not make such crazy proclamations prior to the trip. I didn’t want to get stuck on just the one thing, but by doing that I jeopardized making the images that presented themselves to me.

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