A Rainbow of Colors at the Engineering Fountain

When the Backup Plan Pans Out

At the beginning of this month I went to the Purdue campus with a plan. I knew that the fireworks for Lafayette/West Lafayette were going to be shot off down the road, and I had a hunch that I would be able to see them at the fountain. I had a clear cut idea for my shot, and I used everything that I had to pre visualize it. I knew that the firework idea was an extreme longshot. I didn’t want to waste a trip so I decided to head up to campus early to make a photo of the sunset over the fountain as well. I really liked how the fountain looking in the great light, but for some reason the rainbow of colors looked the best to me. I think it just matched the colors all around it. When I made this photo I knew that I had not wasted a trip, and anything else that night would be a bonus. I made a photo that I liked during the fireworks as well that you can see here.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

During the time frame that this photo was made the sunsets were absolutely great. A golden light lasted much longer than normal as the sun appeared to be filtered as it went down. The beauty came at a cost though as the filter was actually smoke from the Canadian wildfires. The look to the sky was one that I loved, but that doesn’t mean that I liked why it was that way. I think that it is the unique look to the sky that makes this photo. I hope that I don’t have skies like this for a while though.

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