Fireworks at Purdue University

Watching the Fireworks at Purdue University

I love to shoot fireworks, but this year I wanted to try something different. I wanted something of interest in the foreground as well as the firework. Of course the fireworks were moved from last year so I had to start all over again. Eventually I will watch fireworks on the fourth in the same spot a couple of years in a row. I had an idea for a shot, but I didn’t know if it would work. Earlier in the day I drove around to see where the fireworks were being set off from. From there I used Google maps to find the best place to stand. It wasn’t the most scientific way to do things, but it worked quite well. I arrived early onto the scene to see exactly what I was dealing with. I thought that I would shoot the sunset in case my firework idea didn’t work out. That way I would have one guaranteed shot on the trip. The first thing I though on the scene was that I needed to be higher. I think that the top of the ME building would have been perfect. Of course I can’t get up there so I found a spot that might work. I shot the sunset thinking about the fireworks the entire time. When the first burst exploded I had it, but I was pulled back a bit too much. I was hoping that the first burst was the low burst, but it turned out to be the high one. I spent the rest of the show waiting for the high one again. I knew that one would be sent high again at some point. I have had great firework shots spoiled by the random shot that goes partially out of the top of the frame. Now I needed that one to happen for my night to be a success. I only got one more shot at the burst throughout the rest of the night. I stayed ready with my remote trigger though in case the next one was the one. In the end this is not what I had in mind, but it is an interesting photo.

Taking a Chance

As I was waiting for the fireworks to start doubt started to creep into my mind. Was I in the right spot? Would the fireworks clear the trees? I decided that no matter what I would have a topic for the blog today. I post a photo a day. With my schedule that can be hard to do sometimes. It feels like I have taken the safe route too often because I need content for the blog. Here I took a chance that did not produce the intended result, but did give me something cool. I went into the shoot thinking that the firework shot had about a 10% chance of working. As I left the house I told myself that the sunset photo was the one I was after. Anything else was gravy. This was fun for me to get out and try and make something new. There were a lot of variables that could have derailed the photo, but it turned out nicely. The lights around the fountain lit it for me. The led light in the middle of the fountain did not clash with the firework, and the firework was high enough to see it. Next time though I need to bring scaffolding so that I can get everything in the shot.

One Reply to “Fireworks at Purdue University”

  1. This was a really interesting read. I’ve never taken pictures of fireworks so it was great to read about someone else’s experiences!

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