Purdue Softball vs. Indiana State | Sports Photography

Purdue Closes Out Their Home Season With a No-Hitter

I covered the no-hitter yesterday, but you really can’t talk about the game without mentioning it. You can read that post here. The fans that came out to the new softball stadium were treated to a great game. You had a senior playing in her last game hitting a two run home run that would be the game winning runs in the bottom half of the sixth inning followed by Lilly Fecho closing out her no-hitter in the top of the seventh. It would be hard to top this game to end the home season on.

The Boilermaker Softball Stadium

I only made it out to the new stadium a few times this year, but it is definitely worth getting out to. The Purdue softball team really was treated with an upgrade here. It fits right in with the baseball and soccer stadiums already in place. I wanted to make an image that showed just how nice this stadium was. I found a location that would allow me to do so, and a beautiful day for a game helped make the photo a little more interesting. By the time that next season rolls around the hill in the outfield will be a beautiful grass hill, and the stadium will look as it will for a long time. If you haven’t been out to the stadium yet I think that it is worth your trip.

From a photographers standpoint I love this new stadium. At the old stadium there were a couple of prime shooting spots that had me squeeing into a spot where perhaps I shouldn’t have been squeezing into. They gave me a great view though so it was worth the marks on my arms to get the shot. At the new stadium I have a lot more range to move around and pick my shot. I think that the photos are the better for it.

Bonus Photos

As always you can click on any photo in the post to go right to that photo on my website. You can also click here to see the full gallery. Below I have placed a few photos that I liked from the game.

Ashley Burkhardt hits a two run home run for Purdue against Indiana State on April 29, 2015
Ashley Burkhardt rounds second after hitting a two run home run for Purdue against Indiana State on April 29, 2015

Lilly Fecho pitches in the seventh inning of her no-hitter on April 29, 2015


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