Lily Fecho Throws a No-Hitter to Close Out the Purdue Home Softball Season

Lilly Fecho Throws Her First Collegiate No-Hitter

Tonight I was at the Boilermaker softball complex to see the final home game of the season for the Boilers. You never know what you are going to see when you go to the park, and tonight was one of those nights. I really have not spent much time at the new stadium which is a shame, but other things have gotten in the way this time. I did want to see the last home game for the seniors though. As the game went on you could tell just how much Lilly was dominating Indiana State. At one point I was trying to think of a ball that had left the infield. As the innings moved on I kept one eye on the scoreboard. In the bottom of the sixth inning she still had the no-hitter going, but the score was still tied at zero. Ashley Burkhardt took care of that with a two run homer. This was huge for multiple reasons. The first was that it was the last home game for Ashley. She was fun to watch, and it was great that her last home at bat was a home run. It also provided the game winning runs which made the top half of the seventh the inning to watch. Lilly mowed down the first two batters, and had a 2-2 count on the last batter. I don’t know that the tension was high because nobody seemed to care that a no-hitter was on the line. I was next to the coaches though, and they definitely knew. A ball was hit down the right field line that looked like it would drop for a hit. I heard the coaches urging Maya Hughes to get to the ball which she did to record the final out, and give Lilly the no-hitter.

I had positioned myself in such a way to capture the scoreboard and Lilly during the final inning. You could make an image of Lilly anywhere on the field, but you wouldn’t know the historical significance of the pitch. The photo above is of the final pitch of the game. I like that you can see everything laid out in front of you here. It is a case where one photo tells the story. This was a fun game to shoot for sure. I will have more photos from the game in my post tomorrow, but this was the first no-hitter that I have seen in person so I am a little excited as well. Most of the time I am comfortable waiting a day to get my photos out. I am not a news service so I am not rushed. Today though with a great game just an hour or so away I thought I should get something out.


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