GoPro Video: Photographing the Final Out of a No-Hitter

Putting Yourself in the Best Position

As the outs were winding down in the game I started to think about where I would stand if indeed history was going to be made. I settled upon the same spot that I did as Purdue was clinching the Big Ten in 2012. I could have stood with all of the other photographers on the first base side, but I wanted an angle of the pitch that would tell the whole story. I missed out on the great dog pile shots that everyone got, but I did make a photo with that told a little more. There is no right or wrong in this situation. What you are left with is what you want to show during that moment. I was blocked on the catch that sealed the game, but I did make the photo of the final pitch that I wanted. The video above shows what my view was during that last at bat. I will have a small video up in the next couple of days showing more of the game from a few positions that I shot from.

Getting to See a No-Hitter In Person

I had never seen a no-hitter before. I realize that they are more common in softball, but even with that being said I still had never seen one in softball. The closest I ever came to seeing a no-hitter in person was in 2007 when I went to South Bend to see Notre Dame and Purdue play baseball. Both pitchers took no-hitters into the eighth inning, and I was sure one of them would get the no-no. They did not, but I did get home in time to watch the end of Mark Buehrle’s no-hitter against the Rangers. I could have been at that Sox game that night, but I chose to see the Purdue game instead. Now having made a similar choice last night I feel a little better having seen the no-hitter in person rather than reading about it.


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