Rowing on the Wabash

Purdue Crew Rows Down the Wabash

A couple of weeks ago we were walking on the John T. Meyers pedestrian bridge in between Lafayette and West Lafayette when I saw the scene above unfolding in front of me. The Purdue Crew team was practicing on the Wabash. This is a scene that I see quite a bit, and I always wish that I had another camera other than my phone. The sun was setting though, and the colors were good enough that I pulled out my phone to make this photo.

The Best Camera Is The One That You Have With You

I don’t know who coined the phrase above, but it is a good one. Sometimes the best camera that you have with you is the one that you need to use to capture a scene. I have a few cameras now, but I don’t always lug the big dSLR with me everywhere. This was a simple haircut and dinner night so why would I have it? I think that the phone did a tremendous job with all of the light in the scene. Could this have been better with a dSLR and a tripod? Absolutely. Sometimes though you just need to use what you have to capture the moment. The members of the crew team often are out there in great light so someday I might have to just be waiting with a good camera at the ready.

Seven Years on WordPress

As I was typing this I saw in the upper corner that I had a new icon that I haven’t seen before. I clicked on it to see what it was, and it simply said that as of today I had been on WordPress for seven years. I have had this site for nearly four years now, but I started on WordPress writing for a baseball site. It is hard to believe that it was seven years ago. I started blogging about nine years ago. Who knew what it would grow to? At first it started as a way to share some of my adventures with family and friends. Then some people outside of that group started following me. Now I can’t believe how many people follow this blog. It is quite amazing that others care about my work that much, and it is a great motivator to get out and make more. Thank you for reading, and your continued support.

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