Shooting College Lacrosse | Sports Photography

Danny Mudd receives a pass for Purdue Lacrosse against Iowa

Shooting Lacrosse For the First Time

Yesterday I tried something new. I shot lacrosse for the first time ever. Not only had I never photographed the sport before, I had never seen it played. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I did like the challenge of shooting something new though. Lacrosse has portions of it that remind me of other sports. Of course hockey and soccer come to mind. There were bits of a few other sports that came to mind as I shot. With the amount of players near the goal I kept thinking about roller derby. There you have a skater in a pack, and when they come out of the pack that is the moment to press the shutter button. That was the same here. I would not see a player, but I knew that when I did they would be shooting. The players wear helmets which you would think would make the facial expressions disappear, but I found that you could still see inside most of the time. I shot a lot with my 400mm on the 7D Mark II so that I could get in tight and see the facial expressions. This was a fun sport to shoot, and I look forward to shooting them a little more as their season winds down.

Purdue Lacrosse Beats Iowa 18-10

The match itself was a good one to shoot from the perspective of Purdue. It started off with Purdue getting down two or three goals very early, but quickly turned in Purdue’s favor. It seemed like in the fourth quarter (if it is called that) Purdue really took over. They stretched their lead out to a comfortable margin. It seemed like the more they scored the more they had fun. The more they had fun the more the ball went into the net. It was a fun fourth quarter to shoot. I talked about the similarities to soccer and hockey earlier, but the final score is not similar to either. It is a smaller net, but the goalie is not as padded up as a hockey goalie would be. The ball seems to find the back of the net often. Scoring can come quickly, and sometimes it seemed at will for some players.

Bonus Photos

Normally I would post a few photos below with a link to the full gallery on my website. Well that is exactly what I have done here. You can view the full gallery here, but here are a few photos that looked good to me.

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