Cincinnati Defeats Indiana at Bart Kaufman Field | Sports Photography

Shooting Again for the Cincinnati Bearcats

Wednesday night I was in Bloomington, Indiana shooting another game for the Cincinnati Bearcats. I shot my first baseball game of the season in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago at Marge Schott stadium. Wednesday night I was down in Bloomington hoping that the rain would hold off long enough to get the game in. The softball doubleheader next door between Purdue and Indiana was washed out due to the rain. They have a turf field as well, but the infield is dirt with no tarp in sight. That field is what made the game possible between Cincinnati and Indiana. The rain was heavy for an extended period of time which would have flooded a field. The game started late because of the rain, but the rain did not factor into the game once it was started.

Both teams seemed to have a knack for getting hit by the pitch Wednesday night. In all six players were hit on the night. Luckily the weather has warmed up a little, but a couple of the hits sounded pretty solid. That increased the tension on the field and in the stands though, and provided a couple of nice moments for me. This was a game of back and forth lead changes that would have been great fun to watch as a fan. Lately I have been thinking about going to a game as a fan without my camera (well not using it all the time). I used to kick back and keep score watching a baseball game. For the last few years though I end up shooting the whole game, and not really enjoying the experience. I might have to dust off the scoring pencil to see if I still remember how to do it.

Jarod Yoakam Helps His Own Cause

The Bearcats seem to use many players on the mound and at the plate. When I covered them the first time the starting pitcher Andrew Zellner was batting for himself. Last night head coach Ty Neal put Jarod Yoakam into the game as a pitcher in the bottom of the sixth for two batters. He then drove in the winning run at the top of the next inning to put the Bearcats in the lead. He drove in the winning run, and in the process made himself the winning pitcher of the game. Not a bad day at the office if you ask me. 

Bart Kaufman Field

This was my first trip to Bart Kaufman Field. This has been a season of visiting new stadiums so far, and that is okay with me. I used to try and visit a couple of new stadiums each sports season, and I have already done that for baseball. It seems as if both Purdue and Indiana rode a successful streak right into a new stadium. IU had their stadium for their post season appearances while Purdue just missed having theirs for their big year. This is another nice stadium that has some nice backgrounds for photographers. I moved around quite a bit to try and see what I could do if I covered games here all the time. You never know with post season play happening. I found the usual spots, but they also had a couple of nice higher locations that gave me a nice clean background. I like the dynamic look that being down on the field provides, but I don’t like the empty stands that can come with that. This is another field done right. From what I have been told on a normal weekend night the park is packed so you might want to get there early if you want a seat for the game. If you do not get there in time they have plenty of overflow capacity on the walkways and on a lawn in the outfield. This park has the feel of a low A ball park.

More Multi-Exposure

Last night I had a couple of pitchers that I have already photographed so I decided to try out the multi-exposure function again on my camera. This was the first time that I used the function on the Canon 7D Mark II. The function works the same for the most part, but there are a couple of differences. The first is the fact that you can set the function to stay on even if the camera goes into sleep mode. That was not an option on the Canon 5D Mark III. The other thing is that it seems to take a little longer for this camera to process the photos. It is not a lot, but when you are trying to practice this on back to back pitches it may not happen. I would often be able to shoot just as the pitcher was going into his motion again. This is fine if you are dialed in, but I wanted to see what the images looked like in between. This function is more gimmick than anything else, but it does provide some entertainment for me late in the game.

Austin Cangelosi Son of John

If you have read this blog you may know that I am a big White Sox fan. John was a player that I really remember from my childhood. He was an exciting player in 1986 stealing 50 bases for the Sox. The Sox really are not known for their work on the base paths so that was a huge number. John only really played the one full season for the Sox in ’86 unless you count the cup of coffee he spent with the club in 1985. He was traded to the Pirates the prior to the 1987 season for pitcher Jim Winn. He would sign with the White Sox a couple of more time over the course of the next few years, but he never played another game for the big league club. I said all that so that I could say that the first baseman for Indiana is Austin Cangelosi who is the son of John. I will not go into what it means when I am photographing the sons of players I watched as a kid. I don’t think that it means that I am old, but rather that I am experienced. It is fun to see familiar names when I walk into a stadium.

Bonus Photos

I have posted a gallery of images from the game up on my website here.

3 Replies to “Cincinnati Defeats Indiana at Bart Kaufman Field | Sports Photography”

  1. I am interested in Jarod Yoakam #21 Cincinnati Bearcats. I am his grandmother and would like some of the pictures you took. Do you put them on a CD and if so how much would it be?

      1. e. I loved the picture of Indiana’s pitcher in motion! If you are ever at a game where Jarod is pitching again please do one for me. He actually is a closer/relief pitcher.

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