Purdue Hockey Beats Indiana To Advance to the ICHC Championship Game

Purdue Will Play For the ICHC Title Tomorrow

Yesterday I made my way to Fishers, Indiana to watch the first round of the ICHC Tournament. Anytime that you put Purdue and Indiana University on the same playing field I will try and make it to the event. This one was in the season closing ICHC Tournament though so it had a little extra something to it. Purdue had won all three regular season meetings including the only other hockey game that I saw them play this season. They won this game 5-3 to advance to the title game of the ICHC Tournament against IPFW. It should be a great game between the top two seeds in the tournament.

Brandt Rogers

Shooting Hockey

I don’t get to shoot much hockey. In fact this is the fourth hockey game that I have shot. I have attended quite a few, but I have only shot a handful. This was the first time that I have shot multiple games in the same season. By the end of tomorrow I hope to shoot back to back Boiler wins. Hockey is a fast sport that requires a lot of anticipation. When you don’t see much hockey it is much harder to anticipate where the action will be. I thought that by the 3rd period my timing was already much improved over the first period when I was very rusty. Tomorrow I have some ideas for a remote, and I hope to have some more photos to share with you.

Using Some Different Combinations

Last night I used a few different combinations of gear to get my shots. I started the night off with my new 50mm f/1.4 on my Canon 5D Mark III. When the action really started though I switched to the 24-70mm lens on the 5D Mark III. With that combination I made the photo that is at the top of this blog post. In the first period I used my Canon 7D Mark II with the 70-200mm lens on it with the Canon 1.4x extender on it to give me a little more reach. That was a bit too much though so for the remainder of the night I used the camera and lens with the extender taken off of it. I put the Canon 60D to use during the second period as a glass camera. I had my Rokinon 8mm fisheye on it to give the cool looking shots of the hits on the glass. The photo just above was made with that combination. It is a great idea, but the light is not so great on the glass. I may just blow out the background to get the shot tonight. I like the different looks that I was able to get with a few different combinations. I may try some variations on this tonight.

Bonus Photos

Below I have included a few extra shots from the game last night. You can see the full gallery of around 230 photos here on my website. Maybe I will have some photos with some hardware tomorrow.

Brandt Rogers celebrates his second period goal against Indiana in the ICHC Tournament

Brandt Rogers
Brandt Rogers
Brandt Rogers

2 Replies to “Purdue Hockey Beats Indiana To Advance to the ICHC Championship Game”

  1. Thanks for the lens and shooting info. You certainly master the techniques, and avialable light shots seem to really LOVE the light, and snap the subjects in focus. As mentioned above, you’re using some pretty fdst lenses. What kind of exposures allow maintaining the focus? Just wondering. Great photos. M šŸ™‚

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