Purdue Hockey Wins the ICHC Tournament

Purdue Hockey Beats IPFW To Win the ICHC Tournament

Yesterday saw photographed hockey for the second straight day. Hockey is the winter sport that I love the most, and it was nice to be able to see it again so quickly. Even more fun than being able to photograph hockey was to photograph the turnaround of the Purdue Hockey Club. They did not have such a good season last year, but they worked hard and won the season ending conference tournament. Not only that, but they did it in convincing fashion 10-3 over IPFW. The hockey season is over for these young men, but the hockey season is not done yet. I may have to find a way to photograph a little more hockey before the season is out. I love the challenge that it presents.

The Fast Paced Nature of Hockey

Hockey is a sport that is all about anticipation. When you do not photograph the sport very often it is hard to anticipate as quickly as you need to. Shooting the same team for the second straight day in a row made it a little easier as I knew a little more about the players. The shot above was made after hearing the coach yelling to throw the puck at the net. I swung my camera over and made three frames. This was the third. The puck had just come off the players stick, and went over the goalies shoulder for a goal. The shot before it was just off the stick, but I liked this one where you could see the goalies reaction to the tip. One thing that I have noticed in club hockey is that the goals are made through determination quite a bit. A little poking and prodding get the puck into the net. That is great for the scoreboard, but it does not make a very interesting photo. I have a few photos of a group of players at the net who suddenly celebrate. This shot shows the goal being scored, and it was one of my favorite action shots of the day.

Photographing the Action Away From the Puck

The celebration was fun to photograph yesterday. The above photograph was one of the last photos that I made on the day, but it was the most fun. I took a fairly pedestrian photo of the four Purdue managers with the trophy. One of them suggested that they kiss it, and that is where the magic happened. This was such a cool moment that I was glad to witness. It is the unexpected moments of joy that really make photographing sports as much fun as it is.

Bonus Photos

As with most sporting events I have a few photos that I enjoyed from the day. I placed a few below, but you can view the full gallery here.

2 Replies to “Purdue Hockey Wins the ICHC Tournament”

  1. I became a huge college hockey fan during my days at the University of North Dakota. It would be awesome if Purdue could grow hockey into more than a club sport.

    1. I would love it. Just to have the club team on campus for home games would be special. A day like yesterday would have been much better with a nice crowd to see it. I love hockey, but access to shoot it is not that great. A team here on campus would help that greatly.

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