The Grain Elevator in Remington, Indiana

Searching the Small Towns For Photos

Last October I was out and about looking for things to photograph. There is plenty that I haven’t touched in my own town, but it seems as if you think you can always photograph those anytime. I saw this small shed at the grain elevator in Remington, Indiana, and I knew that I had a photo. I love the weathered nature of it. The fact that the historic Remington water tower is in the background does not hurt the photo. I think that this photo would have been better at a different time of day. If I could have had light on both the front and the side of the tower it would have made a big difference.

HDR the Easy Way

With the large dynamic range in this photo I used HDR to bring out some of the detail. I fused my three photos taken two stops apart inside of Photomatix Pro 5. I always have the program show me the 32 bit file before going in to the tone mapping portion of the program. I always save the 32 bit image as a .tif file, and then have it open in Lightroom. From there I have a large file to play with. In a situation like this it cannot replace the sun shining on the building, but it did allow me to bring out some of the detail in the shaded portion of the file. 

Getting Rid of the Distractions

This photo had a power line running right through the frame. Shifting position would not eliminate the power line. I originally posted this photo with the power line still in it, but it really started to bother me. I don’t normally edit things out of my photos, but here was one time that it made sense to do it. I opened up the file in Photoshop Creative Cloud to use the content aware brush. This is a very powerful, and easy to use brush. I am not very good with Photoshop, and even I can use it. I usually just brush portions of the photo that are similar, and the program will fill it in with something that looks like it should have been there. It is really amazing, and in my mind improved the photo.


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