The Harlem Globetrotters

Seeing the Globetrotters for the First Time

Yesterday we went to Indianapolis to see the Harlem Globetrotters for the first time in person. Last week we saw them play on ESPN, and my step-daughter loved it. She is not a fan of basketball, but she liked the mix of the sport and the comedy. We bought tickets immediately for the show in Indy. It is a lot of fun with a little something for everyone. The Washington Generals gave the Globetrotters a good game until the end when they pulled away. The athletic skill on both sides of the ball is pretty amazing. This will not be the last time that we see the Globetrotters play.

Using the Canon G16

Since it was a family day I did not lug the big camera and lens around. I settled on using the Canon G16 that I bought last summer. It really is a great camera for capturing moments. It was not the best for capturing the game action, but that freed me up to watch the game. I put the camera in aperture priority mode due the changing light of what I was shooting. When the action happened right in front of me like it did above I could get to it quickly. I would have liked a faster shutter speed, but I like the photo anyway. The G16 also has a bit of lag so you have to anticipate the action a little more than you normally would. It still does a fine job, and is a great addition to my camera bag.


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