Quick Tips: Using the Interval Timer on Your Canon 7D Mark II

Using The Canon 7D Mark II For Time Lapse Work

The other night I was making some images of the night sky. I wanted to get a nice shot of the stars as they rotate around the North Star. I do not currently have a remote trigger for my Canon 5D Mark III or the Canon 7D Mark II so I made one out of a couple of cords that I had lying around the house. When I wanted to put a bunch of 30 second exposures together though I was in trouble. I couldn’t make my 5D III fire like I wanted it to. Luckily for me the 7D II has a built in intervalometer that can do the work for me. After reading up on it a bit I realized that I could make my 30 second exposures using it. This is a very simple process that can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Setting Up the Canon 7D Mark II For Time Lapse Work

As I said above once you realize how it works this is a very easy thing to set up on your camera. To start you need to have your settings for a correct exposure done. When you have your camera set up to make the pictures that you would like then you go to the shoot 4 menu on your camera. It should look like the menu below.


From there you scroll down to where it says interval timer, and use the set button to click on it. It will then produce the screen below.

IMG_5838From here you scroll over to the enable button, and click it. You can also use the info button to change the number of shots as well as the interval between shots. That info screen can be seen below.


I was capturing 30 second exposures here so I set the interval to 38 seconds. That is very important because if your camera is not done recording the image when the next one is ready to shoot then it will not make that image. You have to give your camera enough time in between shots to record the image. I also set it up to make 70 photos. That should give me the time frame that I wanted. You can also set the camera so that it takes an unlimited set of photos. Once you have everything set up to where you would like it click on the button at the bottom that says OK, and you are ready to go. Simply exit the menu system, point your camera where you would like it to make an image, and press the shutter button. For the duration that you set it will make your pictures for you.

This is a quick and easy way to make a time lapse without having to buy the intervalometer from Canon. It can also save you in a pinch if you need to fire your camera a few times, and you don’t want the shake from pressing the shutter button.



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