My Backyard Birds: The Robins (Part 1)

The Colorful Birds of Winter

Last winter I would get bored out of my mind during the long cold days. There was really nothing it seemed to shoot so I would not shoot anything. This year I noticed some beautiful red cardinals eating the berries off our tree in the backyard. I thought that it would be a great chance to really try out the Canon 7D Mark II. I have seen it work very well in sports, but I have not tried it on wildlife yet. This little exercise really allowed me to dial in the camera. I had some early photos come out softer than I would have liked them to be. I realized that the autofocus was not set up right on the camera. Once that was dialed in I was able to get much better shots. I also learned where I can get a good shot shooting through the double pane glass of the windows in the house. The photos can get soft when you shoot at too great of an angle. This has been a good learning experience on many levels.

Some More Robin Photos

Here are a few other robin photos from my first couple of days shooting in the backyard. In the future I want to set up some perches that are more photogenic, and remote cameras to capture the perch. For now though I am using the perches that are naturally in our backyard. The backgrounds can get a bit busy, but they are a start.


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