West Lafayette Drops a Heartbreaker to Western at the Buzzer

Back to Shooting Basketball

Last night I was back to shooting some basketball after a small layoff. I really have been wanting to shoot the last week or so, but things have just gotten in the way. Last night I was able to shoot a full game, and it felt great. West Side even gave us a nice comeback with a lot of emotion to shoot. The game ended poorly for the home fans though as a put back at the buzzer gave the visitors the win. It was still an exciting game with some nice moments.

ESPN at West Side Gym

Last night I was surprised to see the anchor desk from ESPN at the gym. This wasn’t even the Ocho, but rather the main channel of the network. Their added presence just further let me know that it was a big game.

Bonus Photos

As I have recently I have placed some bonus photos from the game up on my website here.