Top 14 People Photos of 2014

My Favorite 14 Photos of People From 2014

The year is not quite over yet, but this is my way of recapping the year for myself while also letting the site go on autopilot for the last few days of the year. This year I was lucky enough to be around some very interesting people that allowed me to capture a moment. Some of the moments are happy while some are sad. I really like to capture a moment in time, and for these I think that I did that. Most of the time my photography is done with a long lens from a distance away. It is the moments up close though that I really love.

14. This photo should have been much higher, but it was not that great of a picture. I wish that I would have just brought a light to use on Joel during his Q&A session. It seemed as if he was standing in the darkest part of the room. Joel Sartore is one of the photographers that I really look up to. It was a pleasure meeting him, and it was one of the highlights of my year. I would list all of the ways that you can see Joel’s work, but the picture does a good job of that.

13. This past year I had the pleasure of working with longtime Purdue photographer John Underwood. He is a photographer with a lot of knowledge from his many years in the field. We went to the old Purdue power plant to document the final look of the building. Of course John being the portrait photographer that he is had to make a portrait before he left. I decided to document the moment on my own.

12. During the early roller derby bouts I would walk around before the bout started to make some photos of the fans, and the volunteers. I had my speed light on a TTL cable in my left hand, and the camera in my right. I would hold the speed light out as far as I could to get the light as far off of the camera as I could. I liked many of the photos, but this was one of my favorites just because of the layers.

11. This past fall I helped out at Purdue Football’s media day. Most of my work involved wrangling players for their group shots, but I was able to break away at the end to make a few portraits. I took my camera in case I could shoot, but I had no lights so I had to just go with what I had. I liked this photo of Purdue senior Sean Robinson. The former quarterback had completely changed his body for his role as a linebacker. This was one of my favorite shots from that day.

10. Sometimes you like a picture and you don’t know why. While we were waiting for our plane at O’hare Airport this past June I went down to see the artistic walkway called ‘The Sky Is The Limit.’ I made a couple of photos of the cool terminal entrance that you can see here and here. I then decided to try a photo like the one above. It seemed as if the odds were not in my favor to make a good photo, but then I made this one. I wanted the people in stride, and I got just that.

Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric perform at RiotFest in Chicago

9. Later in the countdown you will see a photo from the band The National at RiotFest. While we were waiting for them to take the stage we watched Metric perform. I had my point and shoot in hand to capture the moment. I would have loved to have my dSLR, but the point and shoot was what was allowed into the festival. It still did a great job of capturing the moment. This one near the end of Metric’s time on stage I made this photo. The sun had gone down enough for the stage lights to really take effect.

8. Just before the lone wedding that I shot this year started I was waiting in the dugout with the preacher and the groom. During this unique wedding there were backdrops that I am not used to seeing in wedding photos. The preacher was getting some last minute reading done, and I made this photo of him with the dugout as my background. It was one of my favorite photos from the wedding itself.

7. If you have read this blog this past fall you know that I photographed the Big Ten Soccer Tournament for the Big Ten. Seven games in three days led to a championship for Wisconsin. There were a lot of great moments during the celebration, but I loved this moment. The joy of winning was fun to capture for sure.

6. This year I only photographed one wedding, but it was a unique wedding that I was happy to be a part of. The ceremony was held at the Purdue baseball field. I had covered almost every game at Alexander Field that season so it was cool to be back one more time. After the unique wedding we moved to the Lafayette Theater for the reception. At the point that I made this photo I had switched my camera over to video mode. I had two other photographers on each side of me making photos so I thought that I would make some video of the occasion. When I saw this moment though I had to make a photo. I hit the shutter button not knowing what it would do to the video. There was a small blip, but I loved the moment, and I would do it again.

Taken at the Gibson roller rink during the LBD @ Cornfed bout 2/16/14

5. This year I photographed the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls on bout days. I did not make their portraits as I have in the past so I had to make some on bout day. I had made many pictures after the first bout which was an away bout. It was way too many to edit it seemed at the time as I had a remote going the whole night as well. I had put my camera away for the night, and I was ready to leave when I saw this moment. The light from the iPhone of skater Mad Eye Molly gave her just enough light to let me show the lights in this great room at an old roller rink. I made this photo early in the year, and it is still one of my favorites from the year.

4. When I made this photo I was a bit conflicted. Puerto Rico had just lost a back and forth emotional game in the finals of the Colt World Series. During the top half of the inning Puerto Rico had shown a lot of emotion taking the lead. It seemed as if they were poised to take home the title. A rally by California dashed those dreams. It is easy to make photos of the winning team. The losing team takes it harder, and you wonder if a photo is worth it. I love this photo for everything that it stands for. The agony of defeat makes a fine picture as well.

3. One of the highlights of the year was seeing The National live at RiotFest. We worked hard to get close to the stage to watch the show. I did not make many photos, but I tried to capture some of the event from my perspective. I had the Canon G16 with me so I was fighting some variables, but overall I was happy with my images. I would love to shoot a show with my good gear just to see what I could do. The lighting is amazing, and you have some good subjects to work with.

2. The countdown has to end with the two little ones. Here my daughter is watching her first fireworks with her mother. I drug the family down near the river so that I could make some images of the fireworks. They put up with me and the mosquitoes that night so that I could make some images that I really like. Of course while the fireworks were going on, I turned around and made this photo using the light of the explosion to light my subjects.

1. This is by far and away my favorite photo of the year. One night we were out setting off sparklers just after the sun went down. The color combination here was quite nice, and I love the subject as well. In a year where I made some photos that I am very proud of, this is the one that I will print out to put on the wall. Sometimes you just get lucky with all of the factors working in your favor. This was one of those times.

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