Top 14 Animal Photos of 2014

My 14 Favorite Animal Photos From the Past Year

This past year I did not get out to photograph animals as I have in the past. I only made a couple of trips to Wolf Park, and those seemed to be on days where the wolves were moved out of the main enclosure. With that in mind I still saw some really cool sites this past year. Assateague Island just outside of Ocean City, Maryland is a great place to see all kinds of wildlife. The horses are the main attraction, but I photographed many species while I was there. Last year I struck out seeing the bald eagles. The year before they were abundant in the area, but I think the extra cold winter drove them further south. Next year I hope that I can have at least one eagle shot on my countdown. Enough about the photos that are not here. Here are my favorite animal photos from 2014.

14. Starting off this countdown is Blue III the Butler Bulldog mascot. He was a very excited dog the day of the game where I made this photograph. He did seem very excited about the game though as he barked at the opposing players during the pregame introductions. After the run the bulldogs had a couple of years ago, Blue is almost as iconic as the field house is.

13. Here is the first of a few photos that I made over the course of a couple of days at Assateague Island just a few miles away from Ocean City, Maryland. I went out on this pier to see if any of the horses were crossing the water. I saw this great egret just perched on the rail, and knew that I had an image. I didn’t have any really long glass with me so I changed up my composition to make the image that you see above.

12. This past March I took my daughter to Indianapolis with a couple of ideas in mind. We went and saw the exhibit that was there showing some of the work of Ansel Adams. It really was great to see some of his best work all in one place. After that we went to the canal to see the water that had been dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. I spotted these two geese swimming in the green water, and I thought that it was a photo that you don’t normally see.

11. As this summer was winding down I went on a photoshoot with Purdue photographer John Underwood. The shoot was a young woman with some of her smaller goats. It was an interesting photoshoot for sure. You can read about Emily and see the photo that John made here. In between setups I saw this goat. The goat came over to me, and made a face which I thought was a smile. for some reason I liked the image.

10. While showing my step-daughter Wolf Park this past summer was saw some of the new foxes that had been introduced to the park. Only one of them was out and about at first, but I made some interesting pictures of the fox. A simple yawn can look a little menacing especially when there is a dead mouse in front of the fox that it appears to be protecting. There will be more from Wolf Park later in the countdown.

9. This past spring we made a trip to Chicago. On a day when I had time to myself I went to the Shedd Aquarium to look around. It had been years since I had been inside of the building. The exhibit that I had the most fun with was jellyfish exhibit. I loved the lighting on the jellyfish. It was up to me to expose properly to get an interesting image.

8. Here is one of the horses of Assateague Island. They are these wild horses that everyone comes to see. This was a male horse that was walking up to a female horse. The horse got a little excited so I had to just show part of the horse. I loved the light on the horse though. You have a much better chance to see the horses early in the morning or just before sunset, and that just happens to be the two times when the light is the best as well. It is a win-win situation.

7. For some reason it seems as if you cannot make a bad photo of a penguin. They are just an interesting creature. Whenever I visit a zoo I try and make at least a few images of the birds at play. This one decided to pose for me which was okay as well.

6. My last photo from Assateague Island on this countdown is of this doe in the meadow. I was leaving the island happy with some of the images that I was able to make. I saw this deer just off the road, and I knew that I had a photo. I was worried about spooking the deer, but it was just fine with me being near it. It kept its eye on me, but still finished her breakfast.

5. Every year Purdue has its annual Bark at the Park game where you can bring your dog to the park. I was not shooting the game for the Boilers, but I came anyway to make some images of the dogs at the park. While the photographer was getting the game action I concentrated on making some images of everything else that was happening. This was one of my favorites with the diamond in the background.

4. It seems as if I cannot get through a countdown of my favorite animal photos without showing a photo of Dharma from Wolf Park. Her color has really lightened, but she is still a beautiful animal. I think that this would have been a much better photo if I did not have the fence in between myself and Dharma. Maybe 2015 is the year that I get inside the enclosure to make some photos.

3. This past winter I rented a Canon 17-40mm lens to try it out. My first test subject was my dog Bingo. He was just curious enough about the camera in his face to make this photo work. Bingo is usually my test subject for any new equipment that I get. He helped me get a hold on some basic lighting techniques last year, and in 2014 he was photographed with many different cameras and lenses.

2. This is one of my favorite photos of the year. For some reason everything really came together as this jellyfish was swimming from my left to right in its tank. The lighting was amazing, and I pressed the shutter at just the right time to get the jellyfish at its biggest. I really had some fun at the jellyfish exhibit, and I am sure that I will be back in 2015.

1. In 2015 I met my brother’s dog Rusty for the first time. His other dogs have made this blog many times in the past. During our first meeting Rusty posed for me with the window light helping me light him. He was such a cute puppy that he had to be #1 on the list. Something about the colors here just made me fall in love with the photo.

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