The Sky Is The Limit at O’Hare

Another View of a Beautiful Walkway

Last month while traveling I had some time to make some photos of this now iconic walkway at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Michael Hayden used neon to make a boring airport connection terminal into a work of art. I spent some time here with my daughter who loved the lights, but then went back to get my camera. I would love to spend a couple of hours here to capture all of the nuances of the tunnel. This time I did not spend too long though. I do have some ideas for my next visit though. Today I will once again spend some time in airports, although I doubt I see anything this beautiful.

Processing This Photo in Photomatix 5 and Lightroom 5

This is not an easy task to capture all of the light in this tunnel. Thanks to HDR though I could show what my eye sees, but my camera does not. On the scene I made three photos two stops of light apart at -2, 0, and +2. I then sent them into Photomatix Pro 5 to fuse them together. I used the auto de-ghosting function of the program with the intent of slightly blurring the travelers in the scene. The de-ghosting works well in the program, but it sometimes gets confused in auto mode. I was counting on that here. I then sent the 32 bit file that Photomatix produced back into Lightroom 5 to process it there. For some reason I think that I get a more realistic result this way. I started off with the HDR Look preset by Matt Kloskowski. I then adjusted the temperature to 3700k. From there the photo just needed some subtle tweaks of the sliders to get it to where I thought it should be. The final element here was a crop to take out a distracting element on the left.

Bonus Video

Below is a video that I made while editing another photo from this tunnel. You can see that post here. The editing process was very similar for the two photos.

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