The Neon Walkway

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Photo of the Day

While we were in O’Hare Airport I had a little extra time. I did not spend much of it photographing the airport, but I did break out the camera for a while. My daughter really loved this walkway into concourse C of the airport. She loved the sounds as well as the lights. I of course loved it as well. After spending some time down here with her I ran back up to grab my camera. I knew that it would be impossible to relate the beauty of the scene, but I could give an overall feel for it. This is one of those situations that you would love to have a lot of time and a tripod. I had neither so I tried to be as still as possible to make this image.

This is a beautiful work of art by Michael Hayden called ‘Sky’s the Limit.’ I may have to try and photograph this from a different angle each trip through the airport. I have a couple of other shots that will make their way onto this blog in the future.

Technical Data

As I said I had no tripod with me. They frown on using those in the airport anyway. I had to crank up the ISO, and stay as still as possible for this shot. I bracketed in manual after coming up with the metered exposure. The scene was really fooling the camera so I had to dial it in on my own. I took the three photos into Photomatix Pro 5 to fuse them together. After they were fused in the program I sent the 32 bit file back into Lightroom 5 to use the sliders there to edit the photo. I just seem to get a more realistic result this way. I used to use the sliders in Photomatix every time, but I really feel more comfortable using the sliders in Lightroom. I started off by trying out a couple of presets on the photo. From there I can tweak the photo more to my liking. I made a video of the edit that you can see below. I feel that this makes it a bit easier to see what I am doing. The processing in Photomatix takes quite a bit of the beginning of the photo. I used the deghosting feature as well so it really took some time. I sped things up so that you didn’t have to see the process in real time. At the end of the video I used the presets in Photomatix to edit the photo as well. I just wanted to see what the result would be in there. In the end I liked the darker version that I made in Lightroom a bit better.

Photo Sale

From now until Labor Day I have placed all of my prints on SmugMug on sale. If you enter the coupon code ‘summer’ when you check out it will knock off 50% of the price. After the long winter I wanted to do something special this summer. This sale was a good start. If you like the photo above simply click on the photo to be taken to my SmugMug site. If you just want to browse the site click here to be taken to the front page.

50% Off

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