Top Ten Stadium Shots of 2014

This year it seems as if I visited far less stadiums than normal. I spent the spring at Purdue, and then did not get out like I thought I would have this summer. Even with that in mind I was very happy with my stadium shots this year. So much so that I decided to post one more top ten list before I get on with the best of the year posts. When I visit a new stadium I usually go up high to get an overall view of the field. I also will do the same if the light is right. A few times this season I was blessed with some great light to work with. That is when the stadium shots are worth making. I will drop everything to make that shot. Here are my ten favorite stadium shots from this past year.

10. This summer I made my second trip to Winchester Speedway to shoot the two day event there. Winchester is a fun track that makes for some very interesting photos. I went up to the spotters stand during the driver autograph session to make this photo with my 8mm lens. I thought that it gave a unique view of the track. I used it for the main image of my Exposure page that was chosen as the sports story of the week.

9. This year I knew that I would be up high at the Supercross event at Lucas Oil Stadium. I prepared for that by bringing my wide angle lens so that I could make this photo during the introduction portion of the night. They really bring the top riders out in style, and I was glad that I could capture it.

8. I had an idea for a photo during my last Purdue football game this year. I wanted to capture the flag and the stadium in one photo to use for a Veteran’s Day post. I don’t think that the shot turned out the way that I had envisioned it so it is down here at number eight.

7. This year I finally made it to Hinkle Fieldhouse for a couple of games. I shot both the men and women of Chattanooga during their Indiana portion of their trip. Before the game the second night I went around the stadium to make a few images. This was my favorite of the bunch.

6. This photo was already featured on the volleyball top ten list. You can read that full post here. This is not the typical stadium shot, but it really shows off everything that I wanted it to in the arena.

5. This year I made a couple nice stadium shots while at U.S. Cellular Field. I had some nice light to work with inside of the stadium. I also made some images of the fans watching the fireworks. I decided to leave a little early to beat the crowd. As I walked to my car I saw this scene, and knew that I had a photo. I did not have a tripod of course so I had to really concentrate on staying still. In the end I made a photo that I was very happy with. I need to visit this park a few more times this season to make a few more images of it.

The exterior of Kiwanis Field

4. This year Kiwanis Field the home of the LaPorte Slicers over went a major upgrade. The field and the seating area were completely redone. The one thing that did not change was the exterior of the stadium. I made this image with a black and white treatment in mind. I was very pleased when it worked out the way that I had planned it.

3. Before the start of the baseball season we went to visit Wrigley Field in Chicago. The stadium was celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this year. This was the first time since the 1990’s that I did not attend a game inside of it. That was a long running streak that was broken for some reason this year. Kids change a lot of things. This photo was all about patience. When I walked up to the scene a man was power washing the bricks. I waited for him to get done. That gave me a nice reflective surface to work with. I then waited for the welcome portion of the sign to come around to make this photo. I was glad that I was able to capture the stadium during its 100th season.

2. This year during the Big Ten Soccer Tournament I had great light the entire time. If you read my top ten soccer photo post )which you can find here) you will see that I loved the light. Many of those ten photos came from that three day tournament. The light on day one of the tournament was phenomenal, and the sunset did not disappoint. I changed my position to get slightly out of position to capture a goal to make this photo. Luckily the play came my way, and I did not miss a major play.

1. The top stadium shot of the year came from Alexander Field this year. That makes sense because it is the stadium in which I spent the most time. I shot almost every home game for the team this past season. It really was a dream come true, and something that I was happy to do if only for one season. One night I shot the first seven innings of the game when the other Purdue photographer John Underwood came to finish the game off. I could have went home, but I stayed to make this photo. I saw the sun going down, and hoped something amazing would happen. I got lucky, and this photo was the result. This is another photo that made a countdown as well. My top ten baseball photos of the year can be found here. I also had my GoPro running while shooting this so I made a unique video. I have the capture of the photo on film, and then I did a screen capture of my processing. It is a short video that you can find here.


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