Judge Harry Truman Sat Here

The Jackson County Courthouse

One of my favorite Presidents is Harry Truman. In 2005 I followed some of his footsteps around Missouri. The main goal of the trip was to follow Truman, but I did pick a weekend that the White Sox were in town. While he was part of the town Truman put a statue of Andrew Jackson on one side of the courthouse. It is only fitting that the town would erect a statue of Harry on the other side of the courthouse. The courthouse is now just a relic of an older time. No offices are in here anymore. The courthouse has now become another piece of Harry Truman history that you can walk through.

Using the Kodak CX6330

This is one of my older photos. This Kodak camera is the one that I started using when I had to give the Sony Mavica back to my parents. I actually received this camera as a gift so that I would give the other camera back. The first thing that I noticed about this camera was the way that it rendered colors. The Mavica was a bit desaturated, but this Kodak was great. I used this camera for about a year before it broke on me in Illinois. I was driving through a bad storm with my air conditioning on. As I opened the window to make a picture of the storm something popped in the camera, and it never came back on. The humidity must have busted something in it. That paved the way for my next point and shoot which then showed me the way to a dSLR. I would love to visit Independence and Kansas City Missouri again with my current gear. Many shots I was just not able to make with the gear that I had in the low light. Now I know that I would be able to make them.

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