The Space Needle

space needle

Photo of the Day

During my Colorado trip I thought that I would share some pictures from some other trips that I have been on. This way I can concentrate on having fun during the trip, and less on posting. When I get back I am sure that I will share some of the images from my trip.

I took this picture during my short time in Seattle in 2010. Most of my trip was spent in Spokane watching the Boilers play in the NCAA Tournament. I never got to see the things that make Seattle what it is. On my last night in town I did go out to see the space needle. It was late so I never stopped to get out and take pictures. I did get this shot from my car window. This isn’t the best story of a picture, but sometimes you just have to try and get something.

Technical Data

This photo was a fun one to edit. I took a terrible image taken from my car, and transformed it into something that I don’t mind so much. This shot was taken landscape style, but I cropped it to make it portrait. That got rid of some of the distracting features that I thought got in the way. I then played with the sliders to get something that I would like. Not being shot in RAW I had to be careful, but I think that I walked that fine line pretty well.

SmugMug Site

Here is a link to this picture on my SmugMug site. These trips do not pay for themselves. If you like this picture it is available to own!

The Space Needle

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