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I thought that I would post a second photo today from another trip that I have taken. This one obviously is from New York. We paid to take the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty up close. New York is a great city that has much more to offer a photographer other than the tourist sites. On the other hand the tourist sites are pretty great too. I will admit that I was very excited to see the statue up close. I took many pictures on the way to the great monument. A sane person would have waited until we got close, but I was snapping away very early on. This picture was taken when we were the closest though as they let the boat set to get pictures. I am very excited to have this symbol of freedom on this site.

Technical Data

This picture was the one that showed me that something was wrong with my camera. I was so excited to get this shot. When I got home to look at what I had done I noticed spots all over the sky. My friends and family all told me that I had not cleaned my lens off. Of course being on the water I thought that I might have had some water spray on my lens. None of these spots came out when I shot sports which was what I primarily shot back then. I took some more shots with a different lens on the trip, and those came out with spots as well. A little research let me know that I had a dirty sensor. To someone who is not too savvy with cameras I thought that I had a big problem. My fears were confirmed when a sales person at Best Buy said that it would be $400 to clean the sensor. Of course why do that when I could buy a new camera for just a little more? I think that the sales person at Best Buy was hoping that I would do just that. For a couple of years after that day I would not shoot landscapes with my dSLR because of those expensive spots. It was not until I was buying my 60D that the local camera shop told me that it would only be $25 to clean the sensor. What a fool I was. From that moment on I have really researched everything when it comes to my camera. I was very naive at the time, and it cost me a couple of years of pictures.

I told that long story to tell you this one. I would not show this image for a few years because of those spots in the sky. Thanks to Lightroom and the clone tool I could go and get rid of those spots in the sky. Now I had an image that I could show. To do that though I had to adjust a few things. This was shot in automatic mode on the scene. The camera decided what should be emphasized. I used the tools in Lightroom to help make the scene pop as it did in person. I also performed a crop to move in a bit and straighten the picture. We were on a boat so I shot a little loose knowing that the swaying might make the picture a bit crooked. From there it was just a matter of saving the image to export it to here.

SmugMug Link

Here is the photo above, but on my SmugMug site.

Lady Liberty

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