Now Boarding!

Photo of the Day

As this posts I Should be on my flight to Charlotte. I am headed to Ocean City Maryland for the week, and this is the first leg. I didn’t like the fact that while I was without internet on a couple of trips this blog sat stagnant so I decided to post a few older photographs this week. Don’t worry the countdown is still on, and I will get the regularly scheduled photos up as I can. I thought that this picture from the Denver airport during a layover on my last vacation was a great one to start things off. I thought about taking this on the way out to California, but time didn’t allow it. On the way back I started up to get the shot when they announced that we were boarding. I hurried up and got the shot, and then got on my plane. Maybe I can get a shot of the airport in Charlotte today to keep the trend of layover shots going.

Technical Data

This is a three shot HDR that was processed in Photomatix. Other than that not much has been done to it. One point that I would like to talk about though is the fact that this is handheld. I had to try and balance on the railing as best as I could, but sometimes that doesn’t always work. Here I got lucky being in a hurry, and I was still enough to get the shot.

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