Day 292: Feeling Crabby

Photo of the Day

Yesterday we woke up very early to start our journey east. An early morning flight out of Indy took us to Charlotte. From there we flew into Salisbury, Maryland. A short car ride from the airport and we were in Ocean City. We got to the house that we are renting and settled in a bit. It was then that I noticed the lines in the water. I was not too keen on crabbing when I heard about it, but I was hooked from the first one. I ended up out there for a while, but I never pulled in anything that was a keeper. Most of the fun was just just pulling them in.

Technical Data

Not much was done to this photo. With no Internet on my laptop I had to edit a picture on the iPad. I used Photoshop Express to open the file, but I did not like anything that it did to it. In the end this is just the shot hat I took.

Other News

I am writing this from the beach looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. There is something to be said for lying on the beach. Time to get back to my book.


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