Day 242: Stuck At Folsom Lake

This morning I got up early again to head down to Folsom Lake to get some pictures. I really had no idea how to get down to the lake, but I had a general idea of where I wanted to be. Of course I ran into a checkpoint where they wanted money and a form filled out. When I explained that I was there to get a picture they just let me in. I hurried down to the beach and saw the sun just as it came over the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I ended up circling this lake completely and then a bit taking a few pictures along the way. Some of those pictures may end up on the blog in the future. I ran into some really cool small towns with a lot of unique attractions. This is probably not the best picture that I took on the trip, but it was the easiest to process. In fact this has just been run through Photomatix with little else done to it. Maybe in the future I can post a better version of this picture. After a long day though this is the best that it is going to get.

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