Day 241 Bonus: Sushi Anyone?

Today for lunch we stopped by the Mikuni sushi bar. I have never had sushi before in my life and I was very skeptical about what I was getting into. I ordered one that seemed much more American than any of the others. The roll pictured above was not mine, but it was actually quite good. It was called the Marilyn Monroll. I walked away from the restaurant full which is something that I did not expect.

I was excited to come out here to California to get some great pictures, and I don’t know if I have yet. Two days into a four day trip and I am really not happy with anything I have shot so far. We had a beautiful sunset tonight with some windswept clouds, but I missed it. I think that a short road trip is in order tomorrow morning. I think I really need a great shot for this trip. I guess that is part of being a photographer is always wanting that great shot.


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