Day 113: This One’s For You

At least that is what the commercials used to say in the 80’s. This one is really mine. I was going to sit down and have a beer tonight, but then realized that if I had a couple I could not go out and shoot anything tonight. The problem was solved with a couple of minutes preparation. I set up a glass and an empty bottle on my kitchen table. I used a tv table to set up my camera on so that I could use the 50mm lens. When I had everything set up the way that I wanted it I poured my beer and then shot three pictures. The original intention was to capture the best light. In my test shot I was not sure what would look good when the beer was poured. By shooting from -1 to +1 I was getting a wide range of exposure. It also set up the opportunity to make this picture into an HDR. I liked the exposure that my camera said was the best, but of course I had to run it through Photomatix to see what I could get. I really liked how the beer glass looked in HDR. But then again what don’t I like in HDR? The beer that I poured was the first that I made. My second beer is still in kit form, and I just need to actually brew it. By then I should have some interesting pictures.

Edit: After looking at the picture a little bigger one thing immediately came to mind. The way I set everything up really shows that I am left handed I guess. The beer is just waiting on the left side for me to pick it up. I might have to set some more things up like this in the future of this blog.


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