The St. Louis Cardinals Stadium Tour And Museum

Taking The Tour

This was the first year that I have been able to get a tour of Busch Stadium while I was in St. Louis. Last year I had a tour booked finally, but my team was done so I left town already. After four tries I finally did it. The tour itself was great. My tour guide was Dave B., and he had all of the knowledge that you would expect from a tour guide. He made the tour fun, and that is what is important. If you get Dave you will not be disappointed. I am not just saying that because he has a great first name either.

Stan The Man

Part of the draw for a White Sox fan to visit the Cardinals museum every trip to St. Louis is Stan Musial. Stan the Man was a great ballplayer, but he was also a great man. He led a great life on and off the field. He is a St. Louis icon as he should be. Stan never played in this stadium. In fact he never even played in the prior stadium. He still had great moments in both of them though. It is always great to go in and remind yourself of what a great ballplayer this guy really was. If you want to know even more about Stan the Man this book here is a great one.

The Museum

The one thing that I visit on every trip to St. Louis is the Cardinals museum. This is a great museum that is done right. I wish the White Sox could do something like this. It is a great way to relive the glory of a team. I heard many times how the only baseball museum with more memorabilia is Cooperstown. I believe that. As a baseball fan you have to see this place. I even got to swing a Stan Musial bat.

The Week In Photos

This was just one highlight in a week full of them. From finding a few short-eared owls on Monday to the five day basketball road trip that started on Tuesday night. This was a fun filled week full of photos. I think I said that last week was my favorite gallery in quite a while. Guess what? This week topped it as far as fun goes. I am truly blessed to get to do this for a living, and weeks like last week just help me remember that. Take a look at my favorite photos from last week here.

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