Indiana State Basketball Opens Up The MVC Tournament Against Valparaiso

How Did I Get Here?

Every year at the beginning of March I think about how a chance email led to so much more. I really wanted to photograph Purdue in the women’s Big Ten Tournament, but there were no passes for me. I reached out to Indiana State to see if they needed someone for the tournament. They said yes, and things changed for my photography drastically. What followed was a great run with the Sycamores documenting some great moments for the team. This year of course I have been working much more with Purdue so I had not even stepped foot onto the ISU campus until last weekend. Doing that made me realize just how amazing everyone there is. Getting the chance to come back to St. Louis for my fourth time this weekend was a fun treat that I did not expect.

The Enterprise Center

The Enterprise Center is a fun place to make photos. The light is so good I almost don’t know what to do. You really could make a killing shooting with f/4 glass, and that is not normal for basketball. I really need to make a note to bring my 24-105mm lens because I normally would love to use it, but I usually need that extra stop of light. Under the basket that would be a great lens with all of the light that I have to work with.

Behind The Scenes

I love making these behind the scenes photos in a place like the Enterprise Center. The tunnels are so cool, and they have a great look to them. I made some photos that I really liked, and then I followed the last man out to make some more. Wouldn’t you know it that ended up being my favorite photo of the bunch? I would have liked one more day to play around with this idea a little.



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