Celebrating The Machine

A Historic Night

Last night was a fun night to watch some baseball. You had Aaron Judge start things off in New York trying to hit home run number 61 on the season. It was cool to see the Maris family in attendance just in case. Things did not work out last night for Judge, but the way he has been playing this season it will come sooner rather than later. After that game was over Albert Pujols took the spotlight. When the night started he needed two home runs to join the 700 home run club. At the beginning of the season last night seemed like a long shot, but Albert hit two to join a very exclusive club. As a kid growing up you knew all of the important baseball numbers. Numbers like 56, 4192, .406, 61, and 660 were grail numbers. The numbers 714 and 755 were also huge because they were the only two members of the 700 home run club. Now two more men have joined that club with Albert getting in last night. That is a lot of dingers against a lot of pitchers.

Thinking Back

I watched Pujols hit number 700 after the girls at my daughters sleepover went to sleep. They were all here to celebrate her birthday. Back in another lifetime I was in St. Louis for my birthday. I had planned to attend the game the day after my birthday, but a rain day at work let me get to St. Louis in time for a Friday night game on my actual birthday. It was a very cool night that started with John Smoltz on the mound and ended with a walk off dinger by Pujols. St. Louis loves Albert, and that was an amazing night to be at the ballpark. It is always fun to look back on these photos which are now 13 years old. I had no idea what I was doing with a camera. I put it in running man mode and let it do the work for me. Back then I didn’t know what I was doing with my camera, but I knew that I loved making sports photos. Looking back now it is crazy to think just how fast I made it back to St. Louis to do what I love as a job.

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