Softball Blue Hour

A Quick Blue Hour Photo

Tuesday night I was in Stockwell, Indiana for a little league softball game. It was a cold and rainy night for softball, but all of that led to a pretty cool blue hour. As we were leaving even though I was freezing I stopped for a couple of photos. I loved the attention to detail at these fields with the branding of the teams. This yellow dugout along with the blue sky was just asking for a photo. This is a very well taken car of set of fields so it was cool to be able to document it.

Booked Weeks

This week was booked full of softball for me between the two kids. We had a rain out Monday that stopped it from being a full week of softball. So far they have not had games on the same night, but that will happen a couple of times this year. I have been having fun making photos of the kids so far this season. The main thing to me is that they are enjoying what they are doing, and so far that seems to be the case.

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