Back At The Patriotic Barn

Checking Out The Patriotic Barn Again

Early in this blog I found this patriotic barn in between Otterbein and Pine Village. Over the years when heading down to Indiana State I would stop and make photos of it when the conditions were right. On Sunday I was on a mission in Pine Village and decided to stop by and check the barn out. It had been a while since I made a visit. In that time they have really doubled down on the flag. It is at least twice as big as the old flag if not bigger. It made one of my favorite subjects to photograph that much more photogenic in my mind.

Getting Lost In Barn Country

During my trip I made a point to get lost in barn country. I was just making turns based on where I thought the barns were. I made some photos out there that I really liked. Sometimes it is fun to just go for a drive somewhere new and see where it takes you. I am sure over the next few days you will see some of those barn photos.

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