Blue Hour At Bittinger Stadium

Blue Hour At Bittinger Stadium

Tuesday night I was at Bittinger Stadium for the first time this year. I was not photographing for Purdue, but when the light started to get right I went up top to make a wide angle image. This stadium has been here for a while now, but for some reason it really does still feel new to me. I still love making photos of it when the light is right. If you want to see my galleries from the games you can see them here. Game 1   Game 2

Softball Season

This was the first of what will be many softball games this year for me. My oldest has started practice already, and my youngest will start hers soon. When I am not at one of those events I hope to be at another softball or baseball game near me. The spring season might be my favorite season of the year for sports. Not because of any sport in particular, but the fact that every week the conditions seem to be getting better and better. Hopefully soon instead of running to the car to grab my coat I can be worrying about sunscreen.

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