Country Roads And Barns

Finding The Jackpot

Last Sunday I went for a drive with the purpose of photographing the Pine Village gym. I am glad that I did as they started the tear down this week. After I was done at the gym I drove through Pine Village as I have hundreds of times. This time instead of turning right as I normally would to head to Indiana State I turned left to do some exploring. I was hoping to find one barn, but what I found was a road with so many cool barns I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know which way to go, but that is a good problem when it comes to photography.

Getting The Infrared Camera Out

For this trip I took my regular camera for most of my work, but with the deep blue skies overhead I also had the infrared on hand. I love the way that it makes black and white images. Here it made for a very cool scene with that blue sky going to black. I need to use this camera more often.

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