More Time With Ruby

A Few Seconds With Ruby

This was from a fun photo session with Ruby that has made the blog a couple of times now. About a half hour after the sun went down she started to really come alive and look for food. Like a crazy person I had been talking to her since golden hour so she didn’t seem to mind me when I was still there after dark. In fact after she initially flew from her nest she flew away from me. I started walking back to the car when she flew up into this tree very near me. I kept talking to her while she was hunting. I am sure she just wanted me to shut up so that I wouldn’t scare her prey away.

More Time In The Woods

I really need to get back to the woods. This week with the kids being home there really isn’t much time to get out and enjoy the woods. For some reason they don’t want to walk through the woods in the cold with me. It is a very relaxing place for sure.

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