Another Boilermaker Sunset

Sunset With The Boilermaker

A couple of months ago before picking my oldest up from softball my little one and I would walk around the Purdue athletic complex. It was perfect skies for some photography. With the early winter sunsets we could see some of the last light as it hit campus. Here I liked the idea of just using the silhouette of the statue. It is so unique on campus that you don’t always need to show every detail of it.

The Boilermaker Statue

On the night that everything shut down I went down to the Boilermaker statue to make some photos. I knew that I would be alone, and it seemed like a good place to make something. This statue shows us that we can make anything better with a little work. Just as the Boilermaker is reworking the metal. It is always fun to get back there and make another photo from a slightly different angle.

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