Tuesday Tip: Arrive Early

Get To The Park Early

This is one of my favorite things to put in my posts for how to improve your photos for a sport. Get to the park early. I realize it is not always possible. With a couple of kids I know that sometimes it can seem impossible. Getting to your game early allows you to make some photos before the action starts. I always like to warm up a little as well. You never know when that decisive play of the game will happen. It might be early in the game, and you were warmed up so you nailed it.

Another Reason To Get To The Park Early

This was a game that I photographed for MiLB in 2019. I was in Nashville with Indiana State as they took on Vanderbilt in the NCAA Tournament. I took a quick side trip to Jackson to see ISU alum Andy Young play. That game had some players that are now doing big things in the majors. I was at the park way too early that day so I photographed a young man signing a bat for a fan. He didn’t play that day and I never saw a number so I didn’t know who he was. Now of course he is the cover boy for the new MLB the Show game so I recognized right away that this was Jazz Chisholm. If I hadn’t have been at the park early that day I would never have made a photo of him. Sometimes these little moments are what makes your gallery. Here I was happy to have a cool moment with a very exciting player.

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