My Favorite Photos From The 2022-2023 Harrison Boys Basketball Season

My Favorite Photos From The 2022-2023 Harrison Basketball Season

This was a fun year that was not really planned. A comment during one of the final football games of the year made me want to get to a game inside of Harold May Gymnasium. I had not been in there since my nephew played in there about eight years prior. I had so much fun during my first game that I went back for another. That led to some fun with the girls team during their historic season as well. You can see my favorite photos from that run here. I am going to use a similar format to that one here. Instead of ranking photos in an order that may change in my mind by the time I am done with the post I will instead show them in the order that they would be during a game. My idea this season was to tell the story of game day. I wanted by the end of the season to give you a great idea of just how much fun game day is in May Gymnasium. Below are a few of my favorite photos from this past season. It was a fun ride with a great group of seniors.

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