Find The Nuthatch

Always Find The Nuthatch

Once the warblers come in my goal when I walk into the woods is to always find the nuthatches. They seem to be bird that I can hear that the other birds will be around. Instinctively when I walk into the woods I always listen for them. Even this time of year they will have a small entourage of other birds usually. Last week I ran into this nuthatch that was just by itself in a part of the woods I don’t often walk through. By the end of the month hopefully a few migratory birds will be around this guy.

Lean Into It

I have made many photos of this bird in various poses, but for some reason I usually only post the photos where the bird is in the classic nuthatch pose. In this post I have three different versions of that lean pose. In just a few minutes I was able to capture a few angles of this bird.

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