Mackey Arena, Home To 25 Big Ten Championships

Purdue Celebrates Big Ten Title #25

This was the scene shortly after the game yesterday. Purdue was on the court celebrating Big Ten title #25. Growing up I was not the biggest Purdue fan. I liked another team from this state. I used to get tired of hearing about Big Ten titles. Of course now things have changed. I was never a fan of the team when Keady was the coach, but from day one I loved the way that Matt Painter coached. He has really done something special here. So special in fact that fans seemed upset that this team is #5 in the country and had just won the Big Ten by three games. Imagine thinking that what this team accomplished this year was not special. This has been a fun year to follow this team from afar. Hopefully they have a couple months of work ahead of them.

In A Familiar Spot

The last time that there was a celebration for a Purdue title at home I was up in about this same spot making photos. I didn’t have a pass to the game yesterday so I decided to grab a ticket on the secondary market to be able to watch the fun. I realized during the game that I have really become a terrible fan. I really love making photos. I kept looking at the empty spots on the floor of press row wondering what it would take to be there. This year was the first season in a decade when I didn’t have a season credential for Purdue basketball. Next year I have to find some sort of outlet to be a part of to make sure that I can start another run as a photographer on the floor. Below are a few bonus photos from the day. You can purchase any of the photos in this post by clocking on the photo. It will take you directly to my website where you can purchase a photo. Title #25 would look great on your wall.

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