One Second With Ruby

One Second With Ruby

A while back I posted a photo of Ruby out of her hole that I made at one second. Shortly before that I made the photo above once again with an exposure time of one second. For the most part when she is in the hole Ruby stays pretty still. Had she not decided to give me a show and fly around I was going to try and make longer and longer exposures to see just how long I could get away with. I now know thought that she can fly at any time after the sun goes down so maybe I will keep my exposure somewhere close to normal. When I made this photo I was really happy with it. I thought that I had accomplished my goal, and that I would share it right away. Of course Ruby put on a show flying through the woods, and then came back close to where I was to give me a really nice photo. You can see that photo here. It is a good night when you can keep on improving on a photo.

Some Great Inspiration

As I said in my other post here these photos were made thanks to some inspiration from a photographer that I met for a short time waiting for Ruby. He has really made some amazing photos stretching the limits of his gear after the sun goes down. Matt Zero has been inspiring me to do more with my wildlife photography for a while now. You can see more of his work on his website here, or check out his Instagram here. I think that it is important to always keep pushing yourself. Sometimes following people that inspire you to go beyond what you know is a great way to do that.

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