Twilight With The Screech Owl

Slowing Things Down At Twilight

On Monday night I went out with an idea in mind. I wanted to try some longer exposure bird photography. The idea was that since the owl is usually just sitting there that I could get away with a much longer shutter speed than I usually do. With the owl in the hole I was making photos with a shutter speed of one second. When the owl moved out of the tree and flew after initially just watching in awe I took my teleconverter off and kept making photos at one second. It is maybe a bit long, but she sat there long enough for me to make this image. It is something very different for me that I really like. Having the shutter open longer also allowed the sky to stay a little blue. At this point it was about a half hour after sunset so I was really happy with what I was able to capture.

The Inspiration Behind This Idea

A couple of years ago I met photographer Matt Zuro not far from this exact spot. Since that time his owl photography has been amazing. He has been doing things that I didn’t think were possible. He has been pushing the limit on what you can photograph, and his work is the direct inspiration for my outing Monday night. I went out early to make some golden hour photos of the screech owl as a safety. After I got home knowing what I had in camera I didn’t even look at those. I really like finding ways to make different photos. This is definitely a different one for me. A chance meeting led directly to it. Click on Matt’s name and give him a follow. You will not regret it.

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