My Backyard Birds: The Red-breasted Nuthatch

The Red-breasted Nuthatch Makes A Quick Visit

This year I had a couple of days with the red-breasted nuthatch to make photos. This is a bird that will sometimes spend the entire winter in my backyard or just a short period. This year it was the latter. With only a couple of days with the bird in the backyard studio I didn’t have time to earn its trust. I just had to try and make photos of it as it moved very quickly around the backyard.

Working On The Backyard Studio

This year the backyard studio will get a major overhaul as one my main tree will end up coming down at some point. So far though this year things have worked out pretty good for the limited time that I have been spending in the studio. I have a couple of ideas that hopefully will make for better images back there. Right now I am just having fun watching the birds in the backyard.

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